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Nevada Recreation & Park Society's LEAD Institute

 The Nevada Recreation & Park Society's LEAD Institute is a new annual leadership development program for early, mid-career and seasoned professionals. Leadership development is critical to both public and park and recreation employees. It   provides participants and agencies with skill sets, competencies, and a growing expertise that improves leadership ability   and fosters individual and organizational success.

This three-year program will enhance individual organizational leadership skills, specifically addressing leadership styles, philosophies, and competencies. In addition, the program explores and introduces emerging approaches of integrating leadership development and personal growth. The course is designed to provide participatory and collaborative leadership and allows participants to learn from instructors and their fellow classmates. The intent is to prepare leaders with essential skills that will better prepare them for future challenges that requires strategic thinking, collaboration, systems thinking, and leading change.

Who should participate?

Full-time and part-time individuals with one or more years of experience in the profession. The LEAD Institute focuses on preparing individuals for their next career steps.

Our mission:

To provide progressive training, education, insights, thoughtful leadership, and best practices for the many facets of the parks and recreation industry across all experience levels in the state of Nevada.

Our vision: 

To be a catalyst in helping to raise the overall level of knowledge for parks and recreation professionals in the state of Nevada, thereby empowering them to create more impactful experiences.

Why should I attend the NRPS LEAD Institute?

  • To prepare for current and future organizational leadership roles.
  • To strengthen your personal knowledge base about leadership and its relationship to organizational success.
  • To strengthen your knowledge base about leadership principles and activities.
  • To reflect a personal commitment to the parks and recreation profession.
  • To demonstrate an awareness and commitment to personal and professional growth.
  • To be a part of succession planning for yourself and your organization.

What does the program cost?

  • $80* and is in addition to your conference fee.
  • *Price is for 2019 participation only.  Fees subject to change.
  • *All dates and times for trainings may be subject to change.

What is the LEAD Institute structure for 2019-2021? 


  • One-day of the NRPS 2019 Conference on Thursday, April 11 (8am-5pm) is committed to the program.
  • Suggested attendance of the NRPS 2019 Conference.
  • Two LEAD Check-ins throughout the year.
  • There are also additional annual training component requirements for the 4 pillars of L-Leadership, E-Excellence, A-Alliance, D-Development.  The training components include, but are not limited to: webinars, networking events, workshops and mentor check-ins.  


  • Attendance of the NRPS 2020 (South) Conference Awards Luncheon.
  • Participants who have completed the requirements will be recognized with a completion certificate.
  • Introduction to the NRPS LEAD Institute Mentor Program session at the NRPS 2020 Conference.  Session attendance at the Mentor Training Introductory (1.25 hours).
  • Annual requirement of mentoring a LEAD participant.


  • Attendance of the NRPS 2021 (North) Conference Awards Luncheon.
  • Mentors who have completed the requirements, will be recognized with a certificate of merit.
  • 2020 participants who have completed the requirements will be recognized with a completion certificate.

For more information:

Angela Summers, LEAD Institute Coordinator



PO BOX 97264  Las Vegas, NV 89199


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